Eufy Battery Doorbell Problems. Help?

I have been testing the Eufy Battery Doorbell for several days. I already have several EufyCam 2/2c units around the house, and am very pleased with those.

The battery doorbell still needs some work. So much so that I am considering returning it in favor of a Eufycam 2 or 2c, or another firm’s doorbell. Hoping not to need to do this.

Am I missing some settings? Do I have a defective camera? Is this being fixed in firmware?


  • The video and audio are artifacty and jumpy. Sometimes things slow down, sometimes they speed up and look like Charlie Chaplin, Often they skip way ahead. The audio likewise skips words, slows, and stutters, rendering the two-way audio useless.
    • I have restarted the base station, restarted the doorbell, moved the base station to within 4 feet of the doorbell (just on the other side of a nearby wall). None of this helped.
    • I cannot change the Video Quality of the doorbell from Streaming Quality=High and Video Encoding Format=High. I just get a “Setting Fail” error message. I pressed “sync” on the doorbell 5 times to shut down and restart the doorbell, but that did not help. I killed and restarted the App, but that did not help.
  • The battery life seems much less than the model 2 and 2c units. I have not had it long enough to be sure about this.

Things I like

  • The thumbnail in the notification, with the ability to see it larger with a long press of the notification. This is VERY helpful, compared to text only.
  • Integration with the rest of the Eufy Security system

Any advice will be much appreciated!

I would like these 2 improvements as well. Hope to have them one day. Great if the wired doorbell can store the videos to Homebase1 and it’s Homekit compatible !!

For the rest of the issues noted contact