Eufy battery doorbell not charging past 50%

Hi all

I have just bought a Eufy battery doorbell and lugged i tin at 11pm last night for its first charge after setting it up. Its plugged nto the homebase 2 using the supplied USB cable.

This morning at 7am it had only charged from 30% last night to 49% this morning. It is now 14:35 and currently it is stuck at 50% and has been for some hours. The icon shows a little charging symbol and the battery percentage is cycling from left to right all showing signs it is charging.

Does anybody have any ideas what might be wrong or what i can do to resolve it? Should I send the unit back and get it replaced?

Not a good start to my new experience with this doorbell!

I’m having the same problem. doorbell is completely dead now. it’s offline and i’m not able to connect to homebase . I’ve tried all the BS support suggest. Not being able to replace the battery is a joke. Gonna start putting these doorbells on blast with bad reviews! When sales decline maybe they will fix this trash doorbell