Eufy battery doorbell connected to homebase 1 (eufycam 1)


Has any successfully connected the new battery doorbell to the original homebase supplied with eufycam 1?

Or other way round connected the eufycam 1 (original) to the new homebase 2 supplied with the new battery doorbell?


I did not succeed, I think the homebase 1 does not have a ringtone for the doorbell

The only way for this to work is through implementing a firmware update as well as a software update.

I’ve been able to connect the wireless doorbell to the battery homebase 1. However the main thing that doesn’t work is the internal doorbell (despite the settings been turned on). Anybody know if I’m doing anything wrong?

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Hey @PJ77 ,

Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

For our battery doorbell, it is currently only supported to work with the Homebase 2.

The good news is we now have the Homebase 1 compatible with the eufycam 2, please make sure the firmware for the Homebase has been upgraded to the V2.0.6.9.

Hope this information helps. If we can offer further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We’re always ready to help!

Thanks again for all your support. Have a lovely day!

Hi @AnkerSupport,

Oh dear, just read this. I have the original HomeBase with 4 cameras and just bought a Battery Doorbell as an add-on (without the HomeBase 2). I’m just wondering about the level of compatibility. Does it not work at all or just the chime?

I was going to use my Echo Dot as the chime and so if the video and the Alexa Skill still works it would be fine for me. If not, I will need to return the doorbell and get a complete set with HomeBase 2.

Many thanks,

Hi @AMKinOz I would suggest emailing to see if they can assist you further due to the lack of a Homebase gen 2.

Thanks @ndalby. I did. The good news is that apparently there will be a firmware upgrade in a month or two that will make the original HomeBase compatible with the Battery Doorbell. At the moment it’s not officially supported. They said some people have been able to get everything to work except for the chime. However, they said that I might be able to use my Echo Dots as chimes via Alexa Skill as I suggested.

So I’m waiting for my add-on Battery Doorbell to come. I’ll try and see whether I can connect it like @Schoey and then try chiming via the Alexa microcosm. If it doesn’t work, I’ll wait for another couple of months.


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Blockquote[quote=“AMKinOz, post:8, topic:80398”]
The good news is that apparently there will be a firmware upgrade in a month or two that will make the original HomeBase compatible with the Battery Doorbell.

Where did you hear this?

From “Daisy” on the eufylife support team:

Thank you so much for contacting eufy.

I understand your confusion. If the doorbell is paired with original homebase, it might have some unknow issues.

But I’m glad to let you know that we are working on making the doorbell compatible with the original homebase. If everything goes well, we will release a new firmware within 1-2 months to support it. Now for a better experience, it is recommended to pair the doorbell with its own homebase. Then when the new firmware is ready, you can pair it with the original homebase.

Thank you again and look forward to your reply.

Reference Ticket#99131430 if contacting a CSR


Eufy Customer Support Engineer

PS, have you tried using an Alexa compatible device as a chime?

Has anyone had any updates on the eufy wireless video doorbell chime working on the Homebase 1? I’m hoping the firmware is coming soon to make it work the same ding dong way as the Homebase 2. I have the Homebase 1 and it rings, but just dings, no dongs, and is a bit whacky in its sound, though I’m glad for now it’s full volume.

I bought the eufycam that comes with the homebox1 2 weeks ago and this weekend a eufy doorbell with batterypack without the hombox2.
The pairing didnt go fluent but i found out when pairing keep the doorbell at the back of the homebox1 for the soundwaves when pairing.
Firmware of the homebox1 is, firmware doorbell is
All is working fine, the homebox1 has 10 different chime sounds that working perfectly. I am happy i wont need the homebox2.

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Hi Remco, I also have an original Homebase 1 and today I received my add-on battery Doorbell without Homebase 2. Everything installed fine, but in my case there is no chime sound coming from the Homebase. Did you do anything special to make the Homebase make chime sounds? In my case the chime sound is only coming from the Doorbell itself not from the Homebase 1.

thanks for info, i was trying to connect doorbell in front of homebase 1 so many times but doesn’t worked, as so said i tried behind homebase it worked on first try, thank you

Has there been an update to homebase to allow the wireless doorbell 2k to work?

Good guys are selling this doorbell solution with homebase 1, can eufy support assist with this answer?