eufy app causes phone to heat up

So I don’t have a problem with battery life on my phone when the eufy is simply monitoring, but if I open the eufy app to adjust settings or add equipment, the phone gets really warm and my battery drains quickly.

Is this normal? I don’t have any other apps that cause my phone to get this warm to the touch.

Haven’t had that problem. Ive had the app crash and then restart my iPhone occasionally when trying to view recorded video.

Are you sure its the eufy app causing the issues?

I’m using a Samsung Note 9 and have noticed this happen randomly with my phone as well. Have also noticed this on my partners Samsung Note 8. Only started since having the Eufy Security app recently installed.

Well after setting up the eufy cameras, I have not had a problem.

It seems for me that when I was setting up the app and working with the cameras from within the app, it really drained my battery. But under normal use, after setup, it seems fine and does not use much battery on my phone.

Yes. When the phone heated up and I noticed the battery drain, I exited the eufy app and the phone cooled down.

When I opened the app again and continued setting things up, the phone once again heated up, and did not cool down until I exited the eufy app again.

Try to download an older version of the app

I have the same problem.
Especially opening my EufyCam 2C.

Model phone: Samsung Galaxy 10e

I had no issue as I bought my phone as a cheap one for vacation needs. Do you clear all programs that are open or leave them all open? Not sure if that would help as I figure processing would be not too different

Clearing them all.
Fresh start, results in an increasing battery heat.

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I just got Eufy 2k battery w/chime connected (was a nightmare and prompts in app wouldn’t continue when bell or chime wouldn’t connect to wifi- please give written instructions because the app is useless if things don’t work smoothly the first time!) but my phone got super hot then and when camera was on looking for a good place to mount it. It’s getting hot quickly since then with the camera turned to alert only for doorbell pushed and the app closed while I’m waiting to install it. I woke up late today because for the first time ever my Samsung Galaxy S8 was dead so my alarm didn’t go off. I see this is common with the Eufy app and Android and I’m pissed that Eufy wouldn’t mention or fix such a huge issue when smartphones, working smartphones, are a really big deal and shouldn’t be damaged by a bad app. I already bought and am returning another doorbell and I’m pissed I still don’t have something that works as described.