Eufy and Anker?

So I know Eufy just got released as a new line of products that is a sister brand of Anker but I had a couple of questions. First, why did they choose to have two different websites? And why are there some products on Anker that should be on Eufy? Then, can we use this forum to discuss Eufy products also? I know some posts are related to this but just want to clarify the rules.


Yes I know that the little competition for products gives more points for creating a thread but… you think you made enough already?

I mean I was just trying to clarify something, and I don’t think I should not post if I want to. This is an inclusive place for us to share our ideas and questions so I think I am allowed to post as much as I want.

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That’s how it works man. He had a legitimate question, so he asked it. It’s not like he posted saying “I’m just posting this to up my points.”

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He didn’t have to say it, the 24 posts in ~3days says it all.

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Sorry for bothering you! I was not trying to!

It’s not a bother, its just hard not to notice your avatar on your semi frequent threads.