Eufy alexa speaker

I noticed this morning when ordering an alexa deal from amazon, I could not get the lower sale price to work when ordering through my Eufy device. If I ordered from my Amazon Dot, it worked fine.
Has anyone else noticed this?

It could be because when ordering from your eufy it’s ordering from Amazon and on the website it could be from a different vendor that has a lower price

they are alexa only deals. The Eufy doesn’t count as ordering from alexa

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an amazon rep told you this?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s out of Anker’s control.

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No but when I see deal on amazon for alexa only deal for let’s use an example: hasbro magic tennis balls for 2.99, regular price 4.99, and I go to Eufy speaker and say, alexa order hasbro magic tennis balls and alexa says back “hasbro magic tennis balls- 4.99- would you like to order?” I say no and then go to an Amazon Dot and say alexa order hasbro magic tennis balls and alexa from amazon dot says back “hasbro magic tennis balls- 2.99- would you like to order?”
And I can replicate time after time, that pretty much confirms it.

Also I believe something similiar was confirmed by Eufy support during beta testing but NDA doesn’t allow specifics

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Here is a question for Eufy/Anker.

I know amazon colllects voice commands from alexa devices. Does Eufy/Anker collect this information as well?

@bill_rae. Thanks for your question.

We understand that you would like to know if Genie could collect the command as well as Echo. We would like to explain that collecting the voice command is related to the Amazon Cloud Data Service. Generally speaking, Genie is just an alternative product of Echo, so you could try to this on Genie.

Hope this helps you. If you have any other questions about us, please contact us via

Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

thanks for reply, i guess what i am asking is I can go to amazon and listen to all the commands it has recorded of me using it. This is the amazon cloud service I imagine. Does Anker have a similar collection of my recorded commands or is it only using the amazon cloud data?