Eufy Alarm system in combination with Eufy camera’s


I already owned some eufy cams, window/door sensors and home base. I wanted to extend this with the alarm kit from eufy.

Now im hooking everything up and am struggling with the alarm settings.

  1. I would like to have the alarms on all camera’s to sound when the alarm system is triggered.
    Now only the homebase alarm sounds and that is not to impressive. I do understand that there is a sirene in development but it would be great to trip all the sirenes on all camera’s.

  2. The alarm has a delay but the camera’s dont. So when the alarm is set to “away” the sensors dont trigger the alarm for the set delay (eg 60sec). But i have a camera that also see’s the keypad and that goes off directly when i set the alarm to away (as it triggered by my motion). It would be great if this can also have a delay like the keypad.


This is a dedicated forum where support read for the products:

or email

As you’ve posted here, you may get a response here first.

Give time for all of them to respond.

i got this working with automation but the sound on keypad when the delay is triggered is not possible as of now.

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