Eufy 35c in sale $159.99

Snag the Eufy 35c on sale via which is owned by Amazon. Click the picture to be taken to the product



That’s a steal, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!
@Shenoy what is the diff 25C vs 35C?

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Great discount !!! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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You should ask Eufy .
With all that different models and numbers it
could happen that they don’t know. :grinning:


Good deal, thanks for sharing!

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Robovac 35C seems to have below Vs 25C

  • Drop Sensing - avoid falling down stairs and off of ledges.
  • Dual-Hall Sensors detect Boundary Strips (magnetic tape) - Set Boundaries
  • More Quiet

Thanks @Shenoy somebody needs to come up with a table showing difference in each model.
That will get massive hits on social media and this forum for sure

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From what I have seeing and tracking, each series has 1 or 2 new features upgraded…

I can try to put together something but its a time consuming stuff though :slight_smile: will give it a shot

@AnkerOfficial can you please help provide this if you have it handy :+1:

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Thanks for taking the lead bro! :+1:
@AnkerOfficial you should have some data collected already? why not share it?

If I will show such a list to “Opa Willy my old 11S” he would be proud to have such a lot of sisters, brothers, children, grandchildren, nephews… heheh.

What huge family! :rofl: