Eufy 30c Robovac dying no lights or error HELP!

I have had this robovac for 13 months it now runs for about 15min and then completely shuts down without lights or error. It can only be turn back on by 1) Placing on charger 2) unplugging and plugging back in battery 3) Push starting. After restarted in runs for about 10 seconds and shuts off again.

The battery voltage is good and It shows more than half battery on the App. I believe it is a problem on the circuit board(maybe a capacitor or voltage regulator), but have no clue where to start.

Do you guys have any ideas?

No idea, because you have tried all I would have suggested!

Would be a “task” for the support.
BTW : What type of video format you have been using?
Yours is not supported by LINUX, which usually does support all formats. :wink: