Eufy 30C Floor Cleaning Pattern

I understand from further reading that the cleaning pattern of the 30C is based on random path algorithm. I have it currently restricted to my kitchen floor, which is only 16 ft x 20 ft. I think it’s very odd to have it “clean” in an area the size of a couch cushion for 10 times before it decides to wander somewhere past that. One would think that simple area perimeter locating and then implementing a simple back and forth pattern with an overlap of 1/3 the width of the 30C unit would be a very efficient way of cleaning, extending the work the 30C can do AND also save on battery. This is 2019 people! Programming is easy and hardware is cheap.
Other than this thing wandering around banging into everything while cleaning is entertaining, it’s just not very efficient nor desired. Will Anker pay attention to customer requests for product improvement? Will they ignore customer suggestions?
Let’s see what transpires.

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This is random cleaning, yes indeed.
There are others on the market which are more
" intelligent".
I dont care the way the work is done, if it is done perfectly.
My 11S does, though it is a random cleaner only.

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I can’t remember what mine is. I think its an 11c. It has a random pattern that will clean the same area of the room for 5 minutes and ignore other spots during its cycle. I generally run mine through 2 cycles in each room.

I use my old Kirby Vacuum twice a week and my robovac on the days I don’t vacuum. We are on this schedule because of two dogs that shed faster than we can keep the floors clean. If it weren’t for our robovac we vacuum every day.