Eufy 2K Doorbell Firmware update details?

I saw there was an update today to the 2K Doorbell. Can’t seem to find out what was included in the firmware v1.149 update. Does anyone have any info? Thanks

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Anker is probably the only company I’ve ever encountered that rarely includes change logs with their firmware updates. I don’t get it.

We’re are tired of playing the guessing game.

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That’s disappointing to hear.

There were release notes but maybe they only appear in the “manually check for update” window. Because they showed for me on there.

Basically it was

-Improved algorithm to minimize false alerts
-Solved a problem with Doorbell randomly disconnecting

And a couple other minor things. But they should make these notes more easily accessible.


Thanks for your reply @Chris136 I couldn’t find details on this since I have the camera set to automatic updates. Wish they would post a running log on here (eufy section) of the updates. Anyway so far this doorbell has performed to my satisfaction. In my opinion it is better than the Ring pro, as I hated the fisheye look.

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It was asked number of times to post the release notes when they update firmware of eufycam system, but they rarely post them. Sometimes people get several new bugs due to these firmware updates, which is another challenge we need to face.

Hello! @dicejedi Thanks so much for your great support in our doorbell series. We’re glad to inform that the V 1.149 provides the following points:

  1. The Optimized HDR image quality. 2.Optimized day and night image quality.
  2. Optimized Motion Detection algorithm to reduce false positives.
  3. Optimized live view latency.
  4. Optimized latency when streaming via Alexa and Google Assistant commands.
  5. Fixed online/offline issue.

Sincerely thank you for your patience and valuable time. Hope you’re enjoying the doorbell!

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Will there be another update coming soon? I kept getting false positive and sometime it doesn’t detect human. I donated all of the false positive videos to Eufy, I hope those videos will help train the AI.

Seems like lately the false positives for me have actually been much worse. Before I hardly received any, now sometimes I’ll get like 5 within 10 minutes

I didn’t use the doorbell with the old firmware but the latest firmware kept saying that the wheel of my neighbor’s car is a human. I also got multiple miss detection as well. The software definitely needs a lot of work and AI needs a lot more training.