Eufy 2K battery door cam

I’m starting to think my door cam is possessed.

When I first got it and charged it up, it ran for 186 days before needing recharged. Fantastic.

Absolutely nothing has been changed in the settings but it’s now just whizzing through battery life and I’m lucky now if it’s lasting 30 days. I’m getting over 100 false alerts and even more than that that was filtered by AI - during the night, in my garden. It’s set to detect human only but has now decided that the dog is human (which will only verify his thoughts on the matter and he’ll be demanding fillet steak) and sets an alert off, but sometimes he’s not human and it doesn’t pick him up.

Now the damned thing is shouting at me that Homebase is switching to ethernet mode, then wifi mode, then ethernet and so on. It’s running off ethernet. I restart it and get silence for a while and then it starts shouting at me again.

I’m going demented. Does anyone have any suggestions other than hitting it with a sledgehammer?

Try to get an answer here also :

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I’ve already posted on there with no replies sadly

That’s really all you can do.
Please remember, we are not the support.
We try, if we can give any help.
But we dont own all Anker/Eufy/soundcoure products, so “our support” is
always limited.

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