Eufy 2c motion only detects criminals leaving my house.

I installed a 3 camera kit 2 days ago and so far really like it. However the cameras only send a notification and record when someone is leaving the house. The one mounted [high] above the garage doesn’t detect me walking down the [steep] driveway but does when I’m walking back up the driveway. Then when I walk from left to right [camera view] past the one mounted above the bedroom window [about 2m up] it ignores me, but records as soon as I walk the other way [someone leaving the break-in area that we had 6 weeks ago]. The balcony camera is much closer to the activity, I walk toward it, pass within 1m of it to go around the corner to the back door [break-in point] and it records nothing. As soon as I turn around and leave it starts recording - very frustrating, it seems to be in “criminal friendly” mode. No activity zones are set, sensitivity is set to 7, I disabled “human only” option and made it “all movement” but it’s still the same. If I go to the motion test option the red light blinks with the slightest movement no matter which way I move - so why won’t it record when I approach the house?.