Eufy 2c - Geofencing mode works not properly

I would like to give you the following feedback on the geofencing beta for the eufycam 2c.

the system doesn’t work properly when 2 bases with multiple family members are in use. it doesn’t recognize the geofence correctly and sets the alarm active even though someone is at home.

situation: 2 bases (Dahoam1 and Dahoam2) device1 at home, device2 outside of home. App on device2 shows the following: Dahoam1: geofencing in mode “home”, “active devices”: device1 “out of home” = correct, device2 “home” = correct.

Dahoam2: device1 “out of home” = correct, device2 “waiting” = wrong.

the app has been reinstalled several times, all permissions are correct. location permission is set to “always”.

it is always wrong.

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I’m having the exact same problem with my 2c cameras geofencing is unstable and it’s sporadic if you open the app and go under geofencing (without pushing anything) will arm occasionally but buy itself it will not.

Did you notice at the top of the screen it says “out of beta” I got a really good laugh :joy: from that :crazy_face:


with you geofencing configurations the cameras turn on when you leave home or turn off when you arrive home? Becasue, I’m not able to configure that option in my EufyCam E.


Same here on 2 devices, even reinstall of app, full access at iPhone for the app and 2 different user accounts - same… takes forever to realize I am back home. Funny enough the “leave” gets detected properly, but “home” is the problem.

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I found if you leave the app running in the background on both phones it seams to work properly… But this isn’t the way its supposed to work… Im sure they will get it fixed soon :wink:

Well I never close apps, so it always runs, but does not work… grr…

Having same frustrating issues too.
I’m using latest iOS and latest Eufy security app on iPhones.

Geofence features rarely detects leaving geofence zone or arriving back at geofence zone properly.
There’s a major issue with geofencing when the app is in the background

It works better if you keep opening the Eufy security app regularly (like every hour or so) but even so, its still buggy.

Other apps (Canary security and Life 360) can detect geofencing super accurately and robustly, so its not a limitation of the hardware/OS, but a limitation/bug in the Eufy app.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon. My Eufy cameras are pretty useless without this.

Alternatively it’d be good for Anker to implement IFTTT so that i can arm/disarm eufy cameras. This way i can just use Life360 to trigger eufycam to arm/disarm.

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My experience too. Unless the Eufy app is in the foreground geofencing DOES NOT WORK. Often I need to bring the Eufy app to the foreground before it will notice my location and adjust.

I have another app, EVE, which works with Apple’s HomeKit and causes a power switch to on/off as I arrive/depart from home. This works reliably.