Eufy 25C Loves my Christmas Tree - What Options do I Have?

Hello Friends,

Rosie has been obsessed with my Christmas Tree. First getting stuck on the tree skirt daily. Since that has been removed, she does naughty things to the tree stand and either gets stuck, or spends 20 minutes trying to “clean” the legs.

I know other vacs have boundry strips, but the eufy RoboVac Extra Boundary Strip Pack is only compatible with RoboVac 30C, RoboVac 30C MAX, RoboVac 30, RoboVac 35C and and RoboVac 11c Pet Edition Only

Will this work with the 25C ?

Or do I have any other options? Start putting presents around the outside?


I have seen this happen to Astroboy, he keeps getting into / around Christmas tree… best option is to put the presents around the tree, he will keep avoiding the tree :+1:t2:

Boundary strips will not work for Robovac25C

You should build a real border (wood strips) around the tree stand to keep Rosie away from the tree.
I made such one to keep Willy from escaping the room he has to work.
I know him, he likes to stroll around in the flat and hide in rooms were I don’t think he should be.

May be Rosie was a squirrel in her former life and likes to climb trees.
(reincarnation now as a RoboVac). :smile:

That’s what I figured. Too bad the strips don’t work too. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

We also got a new couch and Rosie likes to get rest breaks under there too. SMH!

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This is what I do! I need to invent a tree skirt that with built-in walls!

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She is NUTS! :joy:

Can I put my pre-order in now?!


My robovac loves trying to climb the curtain, there’s one small spot that hangs down because the cat pulls on it and it seems chomper…my robovac, loves to find it’s way to that one spot and start trying to suck it in. Pulling itself up part way

Ha ha!! The biggest issue my Eufy has is with my kitchen bar stools - he gets very attached to the circular bases, I have to move them out the way or put something in front to block off that area otherwise it’s a pain. Not had issues with anything else though. Fortunately I stand my Xmas tree on a box so that hasn’t been an issue here!

The present idea sounds like it might work for you, just make sure there’s no trailing ribbon for Eufy to get to! :wink:

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