Eufy 2 beeps - Side brush stuck issue

I have a Robovac 11 for a few months now and today it stopped and started beeping. The beeps are 2 with solid red light. According to the table this means “Side brush stuck”. I’ve removed the 2 brushes and cleaned a little clogged hair. There was not much hair though.
Tried starting it, but got the error again. When I turn the brushes by hand I do notice that the right brush rotates significantly harder than the left one.
Is there something I can do? Can I disassemble the robot and clean it from the inside? Maybe I can try some WD40? Any suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @1112205 , there are several troubleshooting videos on YouTube for brush rotating faults which maybe of assistance with your issue. Failing that you can also email wit your serial, purchase date and troubleshooting steps taken for further assistance…


It’s out of warranty and also I’m not in a country with support. I’ve sprayed a little WD40 around the little plastic which rotates the brush with the issue, rotated it 10-20 times by hand and the error was gone. I hope I won’t need to disassemble it in the future if it gets stuck again.

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Glad to hear you’ve managed to resolve at present. As it’s out of support and warranty conditions should it re-develop it’s issue, you won’t be anything out having a go at some of the YouTube repair videos :slight_smile:

I know this is a few months old. I recently bought a job lot of 15 Eufy 11’s (not slim) which were Amazon returns.

Most actually work fine, and are almost new, probably just unwanted.

I found a few which all randomly stop mid run with solid red light and two beeps meaning side brush. Sure enough, when manually driving them, one of the brushes stops, but it’s not stuck, just looks like it is losing power. They all look new so I think this is more of a quality control issue than dust buildup.

I’ll strip them all apart tonight and report back my findings.