Eufy 15C max robovac in small apartment and narrow places

Hi everyone,

I have found the Eufy robovac 15C max on Amazon (UK) with a 90GBP discount voucher, and I’m just about to buy it. But before I do, I wanted to hear your experience with the vacuum cleaner.

I live in a small one room studio apartment. So in that sense the random navigation vacuums are probably great for my apartment (I’m assuming they work better on smaller areas).
However, since it’s a small studio apartment, the apartment is a bit crowded and have some narrow corridors between some of my furnitures.
So do you think eufy as a random navigation bot can handle this? Or should I give up on getting a robot vacuum yet? (The robots scanning the room and etc, are simply outside my price range).

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The robot gets everywhere according to its height and diameter.
The apartment’s area size doesn’t matter.
Problems are : carpets ( high pile), cables, high door steps and those “cantilever chairs”.
I own a stupid 11S (no map, no app, its a “Depp” (german) )
Works perfectly since 2 years.

The more you care about the longer the robot lives. :smiley:

I would go for it, Helps you a lot.
I am not such a tech geek, but meanwhile I would miss “old Willy” (robot’s nickname) :rofl:

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Hi there @mjmnr3
Just get one, you won’t be disappointed.
As @Chiquinho I have the 11s I’ve been using it daily since December and wouldn’t be without it.

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