eufy 11S Suction Problems

Hello - I have had my eufy for just under a year and it’s been great up until this past week. It is no longer picking up all the dirt and dog hair. I tried pulling it apart a couple of times and cleaning all of the parts and the suction still is weak.

Take out the container and check the “channels” leadig to that container.
May be something blocks there.

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@tracilmcintosh So sorry to hear that the eufy Robovac 11S isn’t picking up things normally. Please confirm if there were hairs or debris in the dust bin after a cleaning cycle or less were picked up.

Also, try the following and see:

  1. Empty the dust collector, clean the suction inlet, and make sure the filters are properly aligned, clean, or replace if necessary.
  2. (Without the dust collector) hold the vacuum upright with the bumper on the top, the suction fan on the bottom. Shake out any debris that went into the suction fans.
  3. Clean the rolling brush and side brushes out. Make sure they are properly assembled.
  4. Confirm if it works better in the Max Suction.

Hope it helps. If the problem persists, please contact our customer support at for further assistance.

Thank you!

I am now experiencing the same problem with my 11s. It was working great and then one day it was not collecting the dog hair any more. I don’t want to take it apart. I bought this unit 1 year ago at Christmas.

Have you checked the sucking power?

I don’t know how to check that. The brush gets covered with hair, and there is some debris in the collection pan, but no dog hair.

Take a look at the hole the middle brush entrance to the container.
All clean there?
What does happen if you remove the middle brush and lead the robot over some dog’s hair?
Are these now to be found in the container?

I took the brush out this morning and there was the smallest bit of hair in the collection bin. There is some suction but I don’t know how much. When I put the brush back in, it is quickly covered in hair.

Turn the Robo on the back, cover the sensors on bottom with tape and check it.

I will try that tomorrow morning. Thank you for your help.