Eufy 11s, side brush making a lot of noise

So I’ve had my brand new 11s since April, and now it’s starting to make a lot of noise. I’ve located the source of the noise and it seems to be the right side brush. It’s obvious to me that the plastic gears in the motor assembly are busted and just waiting to die. Since my robovac is still under warranty, do I just wait until it dies or do I need to get it fixed now? It’s really noisy, but still spinning.


I would get returned warranty immediately before something worse happens. You don’t want something to break inside and cause further damage to the device or your house.

If the Vac is under warranty contact the support by adding a video showing (hearing :grinning:) the problem.

Get it replaced ASAP

Thanks, contacted support with a video - Hopefully the mic picked up the same as I’m hearing :slight_smile:

Here it is btw - YouTube

I am sure they got good ears.
My “old Willy” is rattling a bit also, but he is an old comrade (> 2 years working around here) :smiley:
So I dont mind.

So Anker wants me to send the unit back, and I have to pay for it all. Anker will cover 12 euros, but the total bill of sending this back to them + lithium battery danger “tax” is well over 60 euros.

I’ll just fix it myself. What a joke customer support. Never buying from this company again I can tell you that much.

From where to where you have to send.
And you can take off the battery (no more danger tax)

Denmark to Germany.
Anker want all parts, including the battery, probably so they can re-sell it as a refurbished unit. They also REQUIRE that the package is sent via DHL. My blood is boiling right now. I’m so angry.

Its 15.99 with DHL from DE to DK

Could you please post a link where you find this? I can only find express delivery. Thanks.

I found that via google
DHL : Danmark → A parcel : Germany vice and versa.


You should do some more research at danish DHL websites.

That’s the problem, DHL only ships express from Denmark and it’s way too expensive. Oh well, I’ll just fix it myself with new parts from china. It will cost me 2 euros to do that. Anker can suck it.