Eufy 11S failed to detect the stairs and fell down 9 steps

The Eufy 11S did not stop before the stairs and came down crashing and denting the bamboo floors.

Based on the information provided by Anker, the 11S should be able to detect the end of the floor and turn. I think to avoid any future headache the safety strips should be provided with every model. The 11S did not come with one.

I tought it was important to share this incident and alert future buyers.

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Could you check the 3 sensors at the bottom, please?
If these are full of dust, his might have caused the crash.
Otherwise there is something wrong with your 11S

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No dust showing. The 11S is cleaned/dusted every other day and less than 30 days old. I have been contacted by Amazon offering a replacement. But I will need the strips first before I use it again.
Thank you.

The 11S is not able to recognize strips!

He needs a life alert:


Are there those with some jewellery decorated?

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that explains why the strips are not provided.

LOL - never alone with the 11s

Sometimes we all just can’t help but to fall down the stairs.

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Yeah but don’t dent my bamboo floors please.
The 11s left nasty marks on its way down. I’m not happy about that.

Oooooo that is rough it thought you would catch it when it fell like a trust fall

It is a loft and I was in the kitchen when the 11s tried to kill himself. Almost went out the window after I saw the damage.