Eufy 11c 18 months old and now SCRAP!

Just putting this up here for anyone wanting to spend money on a Eufy.
I purchased one 18 months ago and it has gone faulty.
The company provide NO SUPPORT after the 12 month warranty period, NO SPARES are available and NO REPAIR facilities are provided by the manufacturer. They just offered me a 15% discount off if I was foolish enough to waste more money on another product which is unsupportable after the warranty period expires.
I could not recommend this product.
This was their response after many emails and refusing to repair…

Thank you for your reply.

Sincerely sorry for the situation. If we can repair the vacuum, we would try to do it but so sorry to say that our company doesn’t have a product maintenance center at present, so we cannot repair it by ourselves. We always make efforts to improve our service, so we have forwarded your experience to our team and hope we’ll have our own product repairing center in the future.

In order to avoid any discrepancies in assisting our customers, we cannot send a replacement or issue a refund based on our policy. However, we do understand your frustration in this situation, so I would like to make it an exception to offer you 15% off discount if you are interested in purchasing a new RoboVac once we confirm your order information. Please send us a screenshot of your original order details which contains your order#; simply make another order and email me the new order number. Once the order has gone through, I can issue 15% back in the same way your order was put in.

I apologize for all the inconvenience and please do let me know if there is anything else I could help with.

Reference Ticket#68826433 if contacting a CSR

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I’m very sorry you are experiencing this problem. The problem with anker fulfilling there warranty after the 12 month period, is that others may get upset that you got a replacement after 12 months, and they didn’t.

I hope you understand why anker had to make that decision.

I hope you get your Robovac fixed!

Best of luck resolving your issue!

While I can understand your frustration, it does clearly state that warranty is 12 months and to many a vacuum cleaner is a consumable item beyond a certain time period…if it breaks a repair could be attempted to extend its life (if cost effective), otherwise your buying a new (and often improved one) to fill the void left…

Out of curiosity, what was the fault on the RoboVac?


Very sorry about your experience. If i’m investing money in a item that expensive, it better come with extended warranty and at least after warranty services.

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Sorry about the experience. I’ve faced the same issue through Dell when I had problems on my laptop after downloading a new dell update. The customer service just said it wasn’t their fault that my laptop had issues since it’s out of warranty. And the problems started just after my 1 year warranty so that honestly got me very frustrated and angry. Thankfully things work fine now so hoping you get he vacuum working fine.

By the way I have the same question @ndalby has

Here, I don’t mind it breaking down really. It’s just the manufacturer ‘wont’ repair it, or provide any spares for it. That’s my issue… The LHS wheel does not turn any more. I have turned it up side down and covered the sensors and only the RHS starts on power on…

I never asked for a replacement, I just wanted it repaired. I am also happy to pay for the repair. NONE of these options are available to me from the manufacturer…

LHS Wheel stopped turning.

I would recommend either contacting them again, or try escalating the situation. That option is usually available via a link In the bottom if the email.

Best of luck!

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I’m sorry you are having issues and are frustrated with the process. I know that it would frustrate me too, if you can escalate the matter to a supervisor and see what they can do for you I would try that route.
But, if all else fails and if you are willing and handy then you can attempt to repair it yourself. There are many people here and online who have had issues not just with eufy, but any Robovac in general and there are tons of YouTube videos in how to address and fix various issues. So if your willing, you can look into that, if you search on here, there have been a few who fixed there’s and documented it on here.

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I think this is the issue with mine and I’m getting a 4 beep error (brush stuck) but I believe the brush runs off the wheels too. I do need to investigate this properly so might be slightly inaccurate.

There have been videos of modifying / replacing the wheel motor if you search for robovac on here. You might find the link.

What is the issue?

Though you are frustrated, may be we could help you by giving hints for repair.
Ask please.

So to my understanding, it might be the motor because if anything was stuck in the wheel, you would notice it already

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As there is no more answer those diagnosis from far away dont help.

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Don’t feel bad. I purchased my Model 11C Pet Edition in Jan 2019 on Ebay, based partly on the warranty. It lasted until March, when it quit moving on carpet, backing up or going around objects. It just bumps into them until it throws an error message. Also, the right side brush quit working. I contacted Eufy, thinking the 12 month warranty would cover it. Big Mistake. I was told very quickly without the precious ‘original factory order number’ they would do nothing about the problems. They even went so far as to suggest I try to stick the seller and/or Ebay for the defective product! That told me right then what kind of company I am dealing with. My Eufy is now sitting in the corner while I refurbish my 6 year old Roomba. I have learned my lesson!

I’m sorry but almost NO manufacturer honors warranty for items purchased off eBay so it’s not their fault but your own.

I have escalated the problem. We will see… Thanks

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Their after sales is disgusting. I wonder if the consumer watchdogs would be interested in this?

If you don’t specify your problem, we can not give you hints, I have already told you.

While you may have had a bad experience, many others would disagree as Anker often goes above and beyond the norm when it comes sorting out post sale issues…feel free to have a search for some instances on the community…

As for @Rick_Norris1 , he did mention eBay, which raises a question if Eufy were unwilling to assist under his warranty, whether he bought it from an authorised seller…not something you can blame Anker/Eufy for on that one…

Was waiting for something like this…

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