Eufy 11 won’t leave base

My Eufy 11 wont leave its home. As soon as you take it off it seems like the unit has no juice. I tried replacing the battery and am having the same issue.

If I hit the play or auto button on the remote it makes one quick beep, the light flashes red, then goes back to breathing blue.

Any suggestions? Or is my eufy dead?

After changing the battery, it shows the same behaviour as before?
I am sure you have tried all combinations, buttons etc. (remote and robot)
so you should contact the EUFY service.

@gpauliv It sounds like the RoboVac 11 can be charged but cannot be turned on to work. Please confirm if the Main Power Switch has been toggled to the “O” (Off) position. If so, turn it on and see. If the problem persists, please contact us at It would be great if you could send us a video to show the problem and send us the order details. Thank you!