Eufy 11+ vacuum

I am looking for the roller brushes for a Eufy 11+ vacuum cleaner. Does anyone know where I can purchase replacement brushes. I need the bare floor brush because I have no carpeting in the house. I would appreciate any advise.
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Aren’t there offers for such replacing parts at amazon?

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I haven’t seen roller brushes Franz, plenty of filters and mini brushes.
Are they avaliable on

Dont know if those fit to that model too.
But should be the same!

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Well what about that.
You know I’d searched a few times when there had been similar posts and could never find them.
I haven’t a clue what i typed in before, probably beer :rofl:

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@dalenkim86 @paulstevenewing So sorry for the hassle. Please contact our customer support at for more information ordering the part. Thank you!

I’m pretty sure the 11s brush wont fit. You need one of the yellow ones.
I found this on

11+ and 11C use the same parts.

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You see the more models, the more confusion.
But I now I remember there was a difference.
That’s it:



Thank you for the very useful hint!

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