Eufy 11 Robovac Spares

Having been told by Eufy support that they do not stock spares, and that they won’t honour my warrantee as my fault happened 3 days past 12 months (!)… I thought I’d mention here that I have read elsewhere that Eufy 11 is the same device as the iLife A4.

If you search eBay for iLife A4, you will find spares for many of the internal motors and components. For example:

I haven’t tested this theory as I managed to get my central brush motor running again with some lubrication… However I thought this might help others.

If only Eufy would stock spares rather than treat this expensive item as a consumable that might become unusable only days outside of its 12 month warrantee. That, or at least direct people to spares from other companies.

Hope this is useful!

As I mentioned in the other thread these two vacuums are not the same so these parts may not interchange with one another. The Eufy is bigger than the a4

Could work or not. :wink:

As we do not find any measurements with the part, it is difficult to decide.
May be he should take a photo of that part of the 11S.

The solution would be if someone who has really both models would do a solid comparison.

Like I said I haven’t been able to test it out… but the part certainly looks identical. At any rate, the take home message is that Eufy is really doing a disservice to its customers by not providing spares… Particularly given their strict warrantee

The other thing to note is that the empty bin is sealed on the eufy where as ilife it has just an opening. Not sure where he read they are the same but a quick Google sheets many differences. Again, doesn’t mean the parts wont work. But someone would have to try and test to see

Of course it could work, I mentioned.
So we need someone who would like to do investigation.

We are terribly sorry about the unique problems you’ve been experiencing with our products.
We’ll consider your advice and keep improving in the future. :innocent:

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I don’t mean to split hairs, here… But I don’t think this is a ‘unique problem’. Especially as there at two of us in this chat with a more or less identical issue.

I think not providing a manner in which your products can be repaired is not a simple oversight. It’s a business model decision, and a bad one. It’s basically saying that customers are only valued at the point of purchase and for 12 months following. Clearly, these parts are available from somewhere!


A small thing that Anker could do is to provide a list with spare parts, which can be replaced - not by everybody. But by someone with some technical experience. And I think everybody knows someone who could do it.

The spare parts most needed Anker can find here in the Forum …

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I have been going through the same issue, the device is amazing, product is great. For some reason after 11 days of usage, the right motor wheel failed and says “Wheels are stuck” , they didn’t accept my warranty because I didnt buy it from amazon! seriously? But its still a genuine Anker product, Why is it not accepted. After further emails, I was told that Anker will consider my comments for future products?? seriously?? What about $240 brand new robot? throw it away? I actually bought two of those vacuum, one works perfect which was given as a gift and the other just died in 11 days!! My living room plan is an open floor plan and on tiles and nothing to bump into. The RobotVac doesnt even have a single scratch on it. Yet it failed and Anker didnt even consider helping me out and the after sales support is really poor.

I am going to try to find a solution to the right wheel motor because throwing a brand new device just doesnt make sense.

Also, I actually had 2x eufyCam E3 wireless kits in my cart and was a day away from checking out! I am going with a different brand for sure!

For starters companies have a warranty policy for a reason, it’s not their fault your brought a product from a third party source. You claim it to be a genuine Anker product, how do you know it’s genuine? There are many copycat companies who make fake goods and then, because the price is right, consumers buy it and then complain as you are when it fails. Chalk it up as a lesson learned in to only buy from authorized dealers and resellers for anything, not just Anker products. Almost NO company will honor a warranty for third party purchases

Even at Amazon you can buy fakes.
Take a look at some apple earbuds.
These are sold under apple trademark but are obviously not an Apple product.
What does amazon do against it.
Exactly : Nothing :angry: