Eufy 11 goes in circles then stops with error

My Eufy 11 worked fine for 4months then one day it started going in circles i.e. turning beeping as though bumping into an object (when no obstacles nearby) then reverse and forward to the right as it normally does, beeping reverse etc., ending up going in half a turn before it stops flashes red and beeps twice. I have followed the instructions and tried the following:

1 – Wiping all the sensors with a damp cloth (including bumper bar)
2 – Emptying the dust collector
3 – Cleaning the air filters
4 – replaced all available parts (brushes rollers etc.)
5 – Tapped the bumper bar, note the bumper bar is as free / Loose as it was the day I got the Eufy I can confirm it feels the same as the new Eufy that I bought (the bumper bar clicks(pushes in) and release as it always has, therefore is not stuck.
6 – I have recharged and tried numerous times/ after allowing the battery to run down and recharge again, none of this has helped. I have tried over a period of 3 months to get it to work
7 – Tried placing the Eufy in different rooms with no obstacles. The Eufy is not in contact with any vertical surface, is at least 2 metres away from any object. One room had no electrical interference.
8 – Tried driving the Eufy with just the remote, eventually starts turning and stops with same error

In the interim I bought another Eufy 11 because I like how the product works (when it works). I have used the new one as comparison to see if something appears out of order with a other. On appearance they are both fine

I bought the original product in January this year and I have the receipt what do I do now?


May be you should contact the support please.

Seems really a defective item.

The only idea I have, there could be some hairs & debris INSIDE
the robot.
There are others who have solved the problem, by opening and cleaning it.
Take a look at the threads here please.


hi @hkidman,
As @fhassm mentioned, please contact the Eufy support team either by phone or email. They’ll be happy to assist you!


Thanks for you response.Were you going to include a link to the threads you refer to? Opening the Eufy voids the warranty. However i have done this and there is nothing blocking the bump bar.

Yes you are right. Opening will void the warranty.
If there is warranty you should contact the support as TechnicallyWell told you.

Mine was doing the same thing and my husband figured out that it was the sunlight coming through the kitchen door and window. The Eufy would recognize that as an edge (like a staircase) and not go over it. If the vacuum were up against the wall or a cabinet and the sunlight was between it and the rest of the floor, it would just spin in circles and then give the error beep. It does not do this often so I don’t know if the sun is just extra bright (no clouds) or just at the right angle sometimes. Hope this helps. Either keep moving it or clean a little later in the day.

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There is always the problem with the sunlight.
It can be found in the manual I suppose.
IfI there is a sharp shadow the robot “thinks” to be before a “bottomless pit” of an edge.
So it stops and turns.