Eufy 11+ acting drunk

Hi…my Eufy 11+ will go in reverse about four times in four different directions before going straight, running into a wall and then giving me the solid red light and four beeps error. On the eufy, it reads this is a stuck bumper. In the manual, this is a rotating brush issue. Ideas?

For reference, I have–
-Cleaned the eufy (I took off the front rotating wheel and the bumper), vacuuming everything.
-Hit the bumper several times to make sure it’s not stuck (per customer care suggestion).
-Turned it off and left it off and turned back (hey you never know).

Stop giving it so much alcohol? Its not that type of robot! :robot:


I really suppose the robot didnt get in touch with schnapps.

A hard reset would be to open the battery case at the bottom,
unplug the battery and plug it again.
If the issue still exists you should create a video and contact the support.

Is this the robot that needs telling the shape nnsize of room?

Where did you pick it up? In a bar? LOL. That would explain it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the drop sensors. If it thinks it is about to fall down stairs it will reverse. Also is the front bumper lens scratched making it see obstructions that aren’t there?

@J_Miller Sorry to hear that the RoboVac 11+ isn’t working normally though you’ve tried to clean and tap the bumper. Please contact us at and so we can assist you further. Thank you!