Eufo Robovac 30C (Model: T2118)

My RoboVac is having issues for past 3 months. It stops after 2 or 3 minutes with error “Rolling brush is struck”. But, even after cleaning the brush, removing dust etc, I still have the issue. Interesting, when I get the error, I hit resume it starts cleaning automatically, but the same issue repeats again in another 2 or 3 minutes.

This is really frustrating. I have keep pressing resume for every 2 minutes. I haven’t used my robovac that frequently, it’s still like brand new. Really frustating to see that my RoboVac broke that even though, I haven’t used it a lot.

Please guide me on how to fix this issue.

You could try a reset of the vacc by removing the battery and insert it again after 30 seconds.

If resetting doesn’t work, then contact support