Eufo robovac 30 only spins in place

I have had my robocac 30 for about a month and have used it about 5 times. I went to use it this week and it only will move off of the charging station (one inch or so) and then just spin. it may move very small distances but then it just spins like it is looking for a place to go. I have turned it on and off as well as cleaned the sensors (they were not dirty). Does anyone know what I can do?

Hi @Robert_Franze have you tried completing a full reset on the RoboVac 30?

Can you check if there is some dirt or something stuck to the front pivoting wheel or the other wheels?

if yes, try to clean the wheels and check it again.

I would reccomend giving the sensors a good cleaning with a damp dry cloth and also make sure the bumpers are not stuck or there is anything blocking them.