EU taking another look at phone chargers because they’re still not standardized

We could soon be seeing Apple forced to use type-c on their phones to cut down on e-waste.



Theres already talk of Apple switching next years iphone to USB type C connectors anyway so I dont see this as that big of an impact on them. And with the majority of Androud phones already using type c, it’s a non issue imo

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I don’t really see the incentive for apple to make the move to type c they make a boatload of money off of their proprietary Tech I also do not think they care about the environment and ease-of-use. I see iPhones that will not charge properly without and apple certified MFi type c cable in our future. :crystal_ball:

Being it’s the EU I can see the usual fine route (the main guys need a pay boost :grin:) or the usual smoke and mirrors study BS…rather than any actual progress / implementations…

As for Apple…no doubt it will be another dongle/adapter first before going down a wireless only route, which no doubt could end up proprietary in the first instance :laughing:

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Apple do something android does HAHAHAHA :upside_down_face:

Only after several years, and even then it’ll be a Sony or Samsung component!

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Seen already. I MAJOR WIN FOR CONSUMERS! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::relieved::smiley::grin::relaxed:

The trouble with standardised wall chargers n leads, is you need standardised batteries, and charging software, and cooling methods.

However, I think the main problem is apple. They charge so much extra for their own or official licensed products, that people choose to save money, not realising the potential risks.

Inevitably different companies will use different charging standards but I believe the USBC port is robust enough to handle anything you throw at it.

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