Ergonomic mouse to Macbook Air 2019

I am planning to buy a macbook air 2019 tomorrow and I just my anker vertical mouse today. Can I still use it? And how?

The mouse will work on MacBook but since the bluetooth reciever that comes with it is USB-A and MacBooks only have USB-C ports you’ll have to buy an USB-A to USB-C adapter or hub

Anker sells theirs for $9.99
Apple sells theirs for $19.00

You can probably find it cheaper somewhere else or you can buy a hub instead. They are more expensive but useful since they have USB-A to USB-C, hdmi, ethernet, etc.

Hopefully this helped :+1: Let me know if you are still confused

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Was just on amazon and saw that Apple has their adapter on sale for $13.20 (still more expensive than Ankers)