Entry sensor working limits

What are the temperature limits for the entry sensor to function?

I had one set up on my garage door (inside), it stopped working when the outside temp reached ~-15C. Not sure how much was the temp inside my garage but definitely less than what is outside.
However, that cameras were still functioning at -20C. expecting to go about -30C this week, will see if the cameras will withstand Canadian weather.

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In was talking about this in another thread, when a discussion about batteries life at such low temperatures started.
These loose a lot of power that’s evident.

I asked if other functions could be affected by such low temperatures.
But the “Anker-Technical” said : NO.
I am still in doubt! :worried:


That means there shouldn’t be any effect of low temps on the sensor?
Wonder why mine stopped working at low temps :confused:

Ask the support.
Neither I have such an item, nor tested it.
But I am sure those extreme low temperatures will affect the electronics.

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Are you sure it is only temperature ? Maybe some ice or something on the “lens” … check it out ! If you had asked me - before your experience - I would have said: "no effect by temperature, at least until -15 ", but now …

Maybe there is inside a electrolyt condenser, where the electrolyt freezes below -15 …

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There could be issues with such condensers, I have read this.
As he wrote there is much more than -15C.
And I am sure this was not tested at all.

We are whining here in Germany when it’s -5C
Wimps here! :grin:

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The question is about the entry sensor, not the camera.

The entry sensor is mainly an indoor product. It’s operating temperature is 0C to 45C.

Regarding the news here in Germany I was listening to just a minute ago the friends in the north of USA and Canada will nearly get those temperatures.

KEEP WARM fellows. :slight_smile:

(But it think, regarding the frostiness over there they will not care much about the cameras at the moment :wink:)

Agreed. but my intention to buy the sensor was to use it in the garage so I know when the garage door is open/close. Occasionally, temps inside the garage may go below 0C based on the outside weather conditions. So, it will not function below 0C then.

Gotcha. This is correct, it will have issues at 0C and below.

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You could wrap the sensor in some sort of insulation. The tricky part is to find an insulation that will not block the signal from the sensor to the homebase.

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This would be a kind of solution.
Need to be made some investigations.

It may not be as reliable below 0C, but its working today. Recorded temperature is -22C and with windchill effect around -34C.
Really impressed that cameras too still work beyond their design intent of -20C.

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Put some heating coil into the sensor … temperature controlled …
Together with the a.m. insulation it should work.
Heating coil: take a hiWatt resistor and give it a little power …

Isn’t that overkill for a $30 bucks sensor?

This is your decision …depends if you are an electronic freak, then you might have the components at home.
If not: you are probably right …:slight_smile:

Thank you for the solution, anyways !