Entry Sensor to trigger recording?


i have been using my eufy cam for a few months now. I find that the time it takes from detecting motion to the start of the recording is too long.

Does the additional entry sensor trigger recording or it only sounds an alarm/notification?


Hi @kouki.rps

For the eufycam’s motion detect feature, it’s possible that the object moved too fast or was at the edge of the detection zone.
You can increase the Motion Detection sensitivity to extend the detection range, so that events can be detected earlier.
You can set the camera to Customize Recording mode in the menu Camera Settings > Camera Working Mode.

The additional entry sensor will trigger the recording when the distance between the sensor has changed and it will also send the alarm/notification to your mobile device.

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Hi @kouki.rps

You may read and watch and follow the “fight” against eufy in case of their promised firmware update OVER ONE YEAR AGO NOW(!) with no result or answer or progress at all. Hundreds of customers are waiting that the sensors FINALLY and AS PROMISED trigger the defined cam(s)! :angry:

Since the eufy cam and their sensors are released and available, there has been NOT ONE single firmware update for the sensors, even if its a joke of work and time to implement the sensors to trigger the cams, which i am personally badly would need and waiting for since A YEAR! :rage:

Get disappointed and lied here: