Entry Sensor Alarm - Additional Activation Choices

I have an entry sensor installed on my garage door and it is working as advertised. My question relates to the alarm indication if the garage door has been open for a specified length of time (settable from 5 to 60 minutes). This is the Entry Sensor “Open” Status Alert. It currently sends a notification to my phone and iPad that the garage door is open. While helpful, it would be far MORE helpful if, along with the visual notification, the Home Base would send an intermittent audible alarm. Ideally, this could be activated for a specified time period. For example, during the day, I may want to leave the door open, but at night I definitely want to know that the door is closed. Currently, the silent text notification is easy to overlook. I realize I’m a bit of a throwback, but my phone isn’t in my hand every waking moment!

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