Entering your contests

For users who aren’t firmilar on how to enter your contests, could you give us the link where we can start each contest?


@papa02259 Entering instructions are within the first post of the contest topic. You normally either need to post within the contest thread or via a separate link if advised by the admin.


Most of the times you can enter by just making a post, definitely read the rules for each competition and good luck

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And welcome to the community… :wink::tada:

Simply be an active member and start putting efforts to help others, grow levels and thats it!


Well put :slight_smile:

Seems like many threads of late have been support related. So if you have similar product and can help troubleshoot, that too will help you out on the community.

Or reviews as well if you have done sheet related product that you are wanting to share your experience.

Much more than just giveaways :wink:

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