Enter to win Iphone Xs, and Anker accessories

Via their twitter, click on the picture to enter


Thanks for the info!

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Wow, that’s a ton of entries! :astonished:

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Thanks for posting this–looks like Anker deleted the tweet.

It still shows up in my news feed so I doubt they deleted it

Thanks for posting

It says it’s a promoted tweet in your screenshot, so I guess my adblocker is working the way it should.

It’ll be like winning the lottery!

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Strange that this wasn’t posted earlier in the community :confused: …

Not US only :heart_eyes: …but the entries so far, ouch :anguished:

Good luck to those entering :four_leaf_clover:

I think it may just be a twitter contest, that I just so happened to post here

this link works better :money_mouth:

I put a direct link, not my shares link…be more fair to everyone


Any winners from the forum???

Nothing here yet

2 entries for me. If I win, I would wear an Anker T-shirt for every day for a month, even if I accidentally stain it with food/drinks :smiley:

Got in 24 entries at my end…15% discount code email today…fingers cross for a lucky member to strike it big :four_leaf_clover:

I only had 1 lonely entry

Well I wasn’t the big winner but I did get a few discount codes just now, nothing I needed. Good luck to the rest of the community members.


Not me–got a bunch of discount codes, though.

Not me so far. No discount codes. Had 6 entries.
Good luck everyone:slight_smile: