Enter to win a powercore II, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Italy only

Just got an email for a new contest to win a powercore II. You just have to guess how quick it can charge a device and then submit…

  1. US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Italy only.

Also it says they’ll pick 20 a day, but somehow there are only 150 available. No matter how many days it runs for, you can’t get 150 total.

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Title got fixed right after I posted, my copy paste got screwed up. But yea your right about the prize amount, not sure who thought that out


It won’t let me submit a guess any ideas what I’m doing wrong???

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Yes, you are right!
The guessing game are specially prepared for you guys!
Hope more community members could win this time!:smile:


Maybe we could get a little hint then, haha! :laughing:

I hope I can win, I need a replacement one since mine got dtollen

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Once you select your choice it should say received and then you wait

So I’m assuming if we win we will get an email saying we win?

It says in the rules that we will be contacted by email if we win.

I’ve entered, good luck to everybody!

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Haha I knew that, I meant are they gonna do separate emails daily or just one email to all those who won

Great, but the question was little strange :))

Nice one @elmo41683 :thumbsup:


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What a cracking competition :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

Good luck everyone

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Yes, normally we do this way.

Thank you. I think it is an interesting concept. Will you share with us the right answers after the day? With maybe comparing it to the normal charging time

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Hahaha, sorry I can’t! Cos it’s a fair competition!:laughing:

How do you enter for giveways