Enhancement Request: PowerConf volume control


I love my PowerConf, however, I find the min volume to be quite loud.
I'd like to submit an enhancement request to make the volume control more finer. In other words, increment the volume in smaller steps.

Hoping this enhancement request is accepted.



Hi Randy,

Appreciate your suggestion. We will definitely pass on this suggestion to our support team. :smiley:

any news about this issue? I experience the same high volume, which is sometimes annoying, at lowest volume setting. It would be great if I could lower the volume level further.
Best regards

Ditto!! Love my PowerConf S3—although it wigged out on my and stopped working yesterday. Hoping it was a fluke. But I really, really, really want more precise volume controls. Often I’ll want to turn down the volume to talk to someone else, but the lowest setting is too loud, so my only option is to mute the volume and miss the discussion until I can return to the meeting. Not optimal at all. Please update this!!

Is there any official response from the support team on this request? I’m very interested in this potential update as well.

Is there any update on this suggestion?

They stopped nearly all replying here May last year. I’d focus on emailing them and if you get a reply which is not confidential then paste here.