English (United Kingdom) language on the nebula capsule

Hi all, I have just recently brought myself a nebula capsule mini projector and I think it is brilliant, the only problem I’m having is that it thinks I am in the USA and there is no option (that I know of) to change to UK.
This means I cannot access most of the content I would like to.

At the moment I have resorted to plugging a fire tv stick into the hdmi port on the back and using that but this means I am constantly tethered to a power source

If anyone has any info on how to fix this please let me know

Thanks, Rob

Not sure how to switch to UK but you could use a power bank to power the Fire tv and give the capsule more mobility.

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Hi @rob_belcher , what content are you unable to access? There is only a English US option for language on the Capsule but as far as I am aware this only relates to language (grammar, spelling etc) and not region restrictions for items or content…

I have access to one so if you can let me know your issues I can try against it to see if the issue can be replicated…


Certain apps aren’t available and are “replaced” with American ones and on some apps (pelican browser and a few more) don’t allow me to use regional content.

For example:
TVPlayer which is a streaming service for tv channels
Isn’t available due to region restrictions ( it says “TVPlayer is only available in the uk at this time”) and the catch up TVs like channels 5 are not there

Sorry about the username change!

My5, which is available on the uk aptoid store isn’t there, and all4 which I’m not sure about but I haven’t seen it.

And as I mentioned before, TVPlayer

Thanks for the reply

Can you change GOOGLE to local… Google.co.uk

Maybe that will change the local settings?

Already tried that, still thinks I’m in the USA.


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Cheers for the info @Robert_belcher1 will try to borrow and have a run through tomorrow evening…

Cool, like I say it’s not urgent I have a temporary solution but it would be nice to have it work fully even if it means waiting for a system update

I am currently living in Vietnam where this awesome product not available. I have to buy it from an online store from China and it came with Chinese language by default.

With the modified firmware for China market the Setting did not let me change any language. Luckily I found an APK (shortcut of stock Android Setting) and I changed it to Vietnamese.

I myself suggest you give it a try.

@Rob_Belcher As you purchased the capsule from the USA, therefore I am sorry you are not able to change the language.

For further help, please feel free email us at support@seenebula.com, we will try our best to help you.

Hey, I am in the same situation with you.
I just purchased this product from China and realized that everything is in Chinese + I can’t access to the app store.
I would love to give it a try with the APK you provided, but I have no idea how to do this.
Could you give me some more information regarding how to set it up?

Hi Minh Quang, can you guide me to change the language with that file? I’m in Viet Nam and purchased a Nebula Capsule from China store like you

Go to app store in your phone (which will be in your language)
Search nebula
Download the appropriate version

The app would then be in your language.

Thanks, but what i mentioned is the language of system, not the language of Capsule control app. You can see my attached image

I found this video in YouTube on how to change your language to that if UK or anywhere really that’s supported. Hope it helps you


Ah ok, as you mentioned the APK (or app extension) I thought it was the app that was the problem.

Also, for security purposes, never download an APK file, unless you are 500% sure it’s from a trusted source. Although most phones allow you to download outside of the playstore, doing so could be bad for you n your phone.

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Thank you so much, this video saves my day, such a tricky way to access android settings and tuning everything

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