English Snow

Here in the UK, we rarely get SEVERE SNOW.

Then again, in Bristol, we get even less snow.

Here’s a couple pics of our snow… Show me yours!
Out the front…

I went outside for these out back pics…

All taken on my Samsung Galaxy S8


Better cover up man!

This was 4am this morning

4 am!!!

This seems to be “Senile bed escape” ,Mac.

I am suffering from the same disease! :joy:

In the early morning all is quiet and peaceful!

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We don’t get snow where I live. I live in the southern US


I sleep for shit. When I go to bed I’m lucky if I get an hour in bed before pain makes it impossible to sleep any more.

I sleep better if I rest in the reclining chair, then I get around 1-2 hrs sleep in one go.

If I take enough morphine for the pain, I am constipated, and my mind is all over the place. Cos my.mind is 100kph, I can’t sleep at all. lol

My body and mind are from an old person, and I say that my bones are from dinosaur and fragile.


this is in Blackburn

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Just a little north of Detroit. We hit a nice low of -35C for the windchill the last 2 days and tomorrow it will be back up to 7C so it can all melt away.

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There was an article this week making fun of some regions in France where 4cm of snow paralyzed the cities… We get knee-high snow and keep going on.

To be honest, Montreal is pretty good at snow removal - despite what Montrealers might tell you. By the end of the day after the snowstorm ended the streets and sidewalks were mostly clear.

Here’s my photo, from a park near my home:


That has always been a funny thing to me whenever I am traveling down south. I have been in Tennessee where they had 1.5" on the ground and the entire town came to a halt. No one was out driving, and those who did were driving well under the speed limit. I have lived in Michigan all my life, so I am used to the 6" of snow at a time and driving around like it is nothing. It did leave me plenty of opportunities to do some e-brake drifting :smirk:


Me the same.
I was born in the alps.
In my youth 1m to even 2m of snow were normal in the winter.
And -10C down to -20C.

Now here in the city the wimps are not able to manage 10cm and -5C.

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