Energy Saving tips $€£

The price of energy keeps rising all around the world with the Uk increasing almost 82% in October and even more in January so I think we should discuss ideas on how to save energy as people will be struggling to make ends meet.

I’ll start with the first tip:
-Using Anker lumi on hallways and staircases at night as they run on batteries.

Share your tips and together we can make the difference

May be the same as what you are wanting to talk about

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I have ca 15 of this little lumies around in our house.
They are working perfectly since many years.
And the batteries are lasting really a long time.

I have another tipp told by a “green” minister here in Germany
(I will not write here my opinion about these “party” :rage:)

He said, people should use washcloths instead a taking a shower.
This will save energy,
I am doubt if any of these green “politicians” are doing this.
But the stupid people should do.
What an arrogance.

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I have these every spot which isn’t where people sleep and I have 9 to cover every spot of hallways, bathrooms. You must have a big house!

Batteries last around 2 years. One cost saving tip is as the batteries get emptier, the lights are less bright, so I swap the lights around with the batteries with the lights with older batteries in the smaller areas as they have less to illuminate.

Also buy everything well in advance. Inflation makes a future purchase more expensive, so buy earlier. I have a few years worth of AAA and AA.

Use candles where you want combined heat and light.

If you live in a home which can do this, then for pity’s sake there’s loads of free energy outside - wood! Chop it and store it and use through the winter.

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Of course I keep elder batteries, because these are perfect for the Lumis.

But I am not such a friend of candles.
Though this might be romantical.
But sometimes their use ends this way.:roll_eyes:

Not so easy.
You can collect fallen branches etc.
But it depends were you live.
If I would live on the countryside, there would be many sources to get wood.
But in the middle of München, its not so easy to get good wood delivered.

What one can do (I do :laughing:) ask at the construction side equipments.
I was donated whole roof trusses (house demolitions)
It was even delivered for some beers and small amount of money.

This year all my storages are well filled.
And this is quite a lot.
You may also know that the prices for high quality fire wood (beech) has has doubled since spring here.

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I am not in a house I can safely burn wood so I’m not stockpiling wood, but there’s plenty of wood around me, often fallen from older trees.

I use alcohol fuel as backup, safe for indoors use.

I may think of an outdoor wood burning stove but outdoors is colder and wetter… so I’d probably have to build a shelter with a wood stove appropriate. May be quite nice. I know about “gasification” where you must direct air to the flame to it burns without smoke. I could also look into charcoal making which is an old skill we used to do some centuries ago. charcoal making is a partial burn distant from home where the smoke goes then the part burnt wood then goes indoors. That’s quite the effort so I’ve only gone with alcohol stove this winter.

There is a trick one can do to increase the power of a simple small oven.
This was done here in München in elder pubs I remember. :grin:

The very long stovepipe was mountet under the ceiling.
This way the heat emission was increased (enlargement of the heating surface)

This is only a small construction.


This one is great!!! :laughing:

My tile stove is a real big one (large heating surface), so there is no need to do such tricks. :grin:

One should never forget the moisture of the wood which will be burned has to be < 20%.
(so called (residual moisture)

This can be checked with simple cheap tools.



I tried having them around the house but the only issue with the lumies is that my cats keep triggering them through the night :joy:


Put them on the top of the door frames and hope the cat will not jump up there. :laughing:

I place them in hallways and bathrooms, kitchen, not the bedrooms as they turn on when moving in sleep.

I tend to place them on top of door frames so the frame takes the weight and they stay put.

Would be quite a cat to climb there…

My old trick! :smile:

And don’t forget : Never glue, if its not really necessary.