Energizer 18000 mAh phone flopped (only 11 backers)


That’s hilarious :joy:. I wonder why they didn’t just license the technology anker used in the anker phone? It works much better :joy:


Was a good concept, but the Android market is too crowded, and the prize too was a bit steep, something in $200 range – might, might have had seen better luck

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I think the reason they failed it’s because they tried to enter so late into the game, with household names and brands already established, it’s hard for a newcomer to be taken seriously. And the fact that that 18000mAh battery made it more like a brick than a phone. They should have offered something between 8000mAh and 1000mAh to begin with

Thanks for posting @kumar.sachin I read it the other day and forgot to post here.

Only 11 backers?? :joy: I almost feel bad for them!

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Thought there would have been more than 11 backers…just for the novelty aspect of it alone, never mine the battery part :slight_smile:

With this kind of response … There may not be other brands entering this phone+battery segment (including Anker… )

Guess we would be going back to brick phones

Ouch thats pretty rough

Lol that probably didn’t help their cause

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One reason might have been that lot of users already have 1 or 2 powerbanks, with thier favorite devices - Apple or Samsung… New phone with battery did not really make sense

Lol just buy a power pack who wants a brick :joy::joy::joy::joy:

:laughing::laughing::laughing: Anker Phone is our secret weapon!