[ENDED] Anker PowerConf Giveaway! - Social Media Event

All, this is a Social media event - login into Twitter and follow instructions to apply for the event. This is also available on Instagram and Facebook.

Now is your chance to try our new conference speaker for free! Head to the post below to see

@MakeUseOf’s awesome giveaway!

We’re GIVING AWAY an Anker PowerConf portable, wireless conference speaker (usually $130). Perfect for travellers, people who work from home and digital nomads.

TO ENTER: LIKE this post and COMMENT letting us know where YOU work best — in the office, coffee shops, at home, etc

TERMS: This prize can only be shipped to the US or the UK. The winner will be picked at random. The giveaway ends 20 March 2020. You can also enter on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.


Awesome giveaway, unfortunately I have no use for it


Great giveaway for a great product.

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Ditto. Good luck to those with a need.


Would love this for remote-conferencing when traveling as a consultant in my hotel room or elsewhere. Beats Facetime or even Cisco’s teleconferencing for sure.

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Great giveaway and ideal for working at home during coronavirus :+1:

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Great giveaway. Thanks for sharing this.

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Thanks for sharing! :clap::clap::clap:

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Hope it sells a bunch of units now that some people are required to work from home

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The virus is killed faster outdoors, can someone test this speaker in a windy conditions? Working from home in garden scenario. Or distant from others in a park scenario… Many of us will be isolating but not necessarily indoors.

Maybe the testers of the units will read your message and try them outdoors :+1:

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Awesome giveaway! Definitely useful for people like me!

Hey! I have a small business and have to talk with potential clients often. My favorite local meeting spot is outside at Starbucks! Sometimes I’ll put my phone on Speaker so we can chat with potential customers…I don’t love, however, doing it on my cell’s speakerphone!

Work from home and this would be great

This will be very helpful while working at home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Working from mobile offices and traveling a lot, this would be great!

I work best from home.

I am a consultant and my meeting can be anywhere talking with a client on the phone. Coffee shop, restaurant, airport, or cruise ship.

I work best at my favorite coffee shop they have an outside court too if I need to be a little louder for work to not disturb the peace inside and I can still enjoy the great coffee

I work best from home, which is where I’ve worked for almost 30 years. I’ve been a full-time telecommuter since 2400 baud dialup modems were the fastest home networking device available.

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