End of year extreme weather

Where I live we sometimes have extreme weather changes. On new years eve we will be going out with gloves and parkas on with an expected wind chill of minus 40

New years day it will feel a balmy 39 degrees Celsius warmer.

Today it is Minus 28 Celsius but the wind is blowing and it is mighty cold.
My BBQ plans have been postponed


Yikes!!! Looks beautiful though. Here in California, we’ve had to actually wear long pants and a sweatshirt :stuck_out_tongue: Right now, it’s 63 degrees.


Much of the US will be 20 to 40 degrees below average. Here in Kansas we have our first wind chill warning in years.

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Wrap up and stay safe up there.

Its 60s down here and you think you got problems, we got chance of rain then 50s. Brrrr. The whole state of California will grind to a halt.

Will do!
I will have to pack my beer in a cooler tomorrow to keep them from freezing, there is never enough room in the fridge


Well you have your indoor cooking sorted

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Temps like that I’d be staying indoors with feet up and heating on :scream:

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cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey



I wonder if your cars can float on magnets and save on gas?

Same here in Canada.

I was visiting some friends in New York City a few days ago and couldn’t believe how cold it was. I couldn’t imagine staying outside to watch the ball drop tonight! :snowman:


It’s currently -8 with a windchill of -15 where I’m at, curently snowing even though the forecast didn’t call for snow. I’m staying indoors bundled up, watching movies or whatever my wife wants to watch.


Our city festivities have been cancelled for tonight. cold

what happened to ggggggggglobal wwwwwwarming?

Ya, I actually had to wear sweats when I go out to walk my dog the past few days… fml lol jk… if it wasn’t for all those fires n possible earthquakes, i’d say we were spoiled in CA…

yup your spoiled, its a balmy -11 right now