Electric planes

I saw an article earlier about Boeing buying a stake in a battery tech start up. Obviously we are a long way away from it yet but do you think that battery powered commercial flights will ever take off? (Pun intended)


They should call Wakanda. Those guys figured it all out already. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The tricky part, I believe, is the weight of the batteries and recharge time. There’s already a limit with commercial planes due to the weight of fuel, so there should be a way to get a balance like current airliners.

Have you seen the movie already? It looks really good from trailers.

I’m guessing if it ever happened it would only be for domestic flights and not international to begin with.

I wonder if it might be for their space program instead of airplanes. You know gotta keep up with Elon Musk.

Tickets bought for February 18th! :grinning:

I agree that, in the beginning, it would be only for domestic flights, just like fossil fuel planes once were. But we never know what clever new engineering solutions might arise.

Talking to a friend one evening we got to the point where we were discussing what’s coming after what’s already coming - as in, electric cars will be mainstream soon, electric everything that moves after; but what comes next? 4K TVs are somewhat easy to buy today, 8K is already being shown at conventions everywhere. What’s next? When we will be able to forgo of batteries for day-to-day items such as our phones by using OTA power? How will the billing system be for such a technology? Mainly we agreed that, when the OTA power finally arrives, the world will finally be free of plug adapters… :sweat_smile:

LOL!!! LOVE THE MARVEL JOKE :joy::joy::sweat_smile::slight_smile::grinning::grinning:
Someone has been following the saga :smiley: :smiley::smile::smile::open_mouth::hushed::sunglasses::smirk:

I am a little worried about the safety by taking this flight…:joy:

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This is an energy density and safety issue. Currently energy density of Lithium Ion is 1/100th that of gasoline and aviation fuel is even better. You witness this in distant of electric vehicles.

I suspect we’re talking a totally different energy storage system with a totally different motor in the future. Not unlike the movement from coal+steam to the internal combustion engine, to the jet engine.

Also, the most energy loss is takeoff and landing, relative to cruising, so you can see potential for “never land” existences.

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