Electric Bicycle Batteries Request

Hey everyone, I was just shopping around for Electric Bicycle conversion kits. What this is an electric wheel motor that you use to replace an existing wheel on your bicycle to convert your bicycle to an electric bike. The one issue that I’m finding is that most of these kits do not come with the battery pack.

Here’s an image of an example kit…

They have kits for 24v, 36v, and 48v kits which would require a compatible battery of about 15 -20Ah. The higher the Voltage the faster they go essentially.

Looking online for these batteries is a real struggle. There are some out there and they are expensive. This is most of the cost of the conversion. Usually the kits range from $180 USD to &350 USD. Without the battery. The batteries cost about $400 USD.

Here’s a couple of examples of these batteries…

My problem is I don’t trust these off brand batteries, I don’t trust the batteries they use, the quality of the connections, circuit safety, etc. and would like to request that Anker thinks about making these. These kits are starting to become more popular and I would love to see Anker make this product.

Who is with me! Comments, concerns? Let’s talk about it.

Great Idea here @moracho This is a great idea for Anker to venture into! With more and more electric portable bikes coming up, these look more of an expansive market for growth.

You may want to add this topic link as a post on the Anker Forum for ideas

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Good idea but I personally I would buy electric bike

You can look into lead acid ebike battery. Compared to li-ion they will be dirt cheap and will do the job. Will have better safety. Just make sure to get the sealed type battery (AGM)

I’ve looked at electric bikes already put together and they are quite expensive. Also they are mostly pedal assist. These kits allow you to give throttle on demand. Also I’m a bike enthusiast and a lot of the inexpensive bikes $1,000 range sacrifice on the quality of the actual bicycle components.

True the problem I have with them is the extra added weight.

I just did, thanks for the idea!

I suggested Anker work with bicycle manufacturers a year or so ago, along with a list of other ideas they could merge/combine with using their battery tech.

As usual, it’s not a great idea unless someone else says it!

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I was looking to buy an electric bike or scooter for myself but scraped the idea of bike since they are more expensive than scooter and big to carry in public transportation. Plus I see why you what to upgrade your current bike than buy a electric bike straight away.

I just bought a Jetson Element Scooter from Sam’s Club which should be coming in tomorrow. If Anker were to sell a scooter, I would’ve bought it straight away since I trust Anker

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Hey just a heads up, I did a quick search on a li-ion and a lead acid battery sealed rated at 36v around 10 AH for grins. The weight difference is only about 5 pounds in most cases which doesn’t sound like a big deal if you are looking for safety. The other nice part is when its dead you can recycle the battery for a few bucks.

Almost all mobility scooters (sometimes referred to as… Chubby chariots!) Run on sealed lead batteries.

They generally have a range of 25-35 miles (obvs depending on weight of rider, if any luggage, any hills/slopes, weather, full throttle etc)

In the UK, small mobility scooters and officially any sized powered wheel chair, can be used on public transportation. My.local public transport company come to your location and test to see if you meet the requirements and to train you on how to board n dismount. Once trained.your given a wallet sized certificate (for.names sake) that if a driver questions, can be shown to say your trained n allowed (obvs someone else could use the certificate and a different scooter).

Let us know how you like it! I’ve also thought of something like that as well.

Agreed, that isn’t that much of a deal breaker.

In the US there is no requirement for these types of certificates but I would think it would be beneficial if we did.

It’s to show a level competence‽ I’m surprised in a such a culture of … sue you … that certified training isn’t a prerequisite of being deemed able n safe to travel whilst using a large personal transport system! lol

The scooter came in and I tested it in our community. It feels like the motor isn’t too powerful compared to the Lyft scooters in downtown Atlanta. The max speed is supposed to be 16 mph and it only went 15 minor downhill and 11 coming up. The “hill” isn’t really a hill and I have been on Lyft scooters enough times to know they are much more powerful.

Great idea @moracho! I guess we’ll have to see if anker ends up making one :wink:.

@Shenoy honestly that topic is pretty old, and inactive. I doubt anker will ever look at it again, so it’s pretty much useless :man_shrugging:.

Maybe @Chiquinho can re-emanate that thread :joy:

Sorry to hear, sounds like you’re a little disappointed. Do you think you’ll keep it or return it?

Fingers crossed.

Anker will need to explore more product venues, not a bad idea to start looking into this market

I’m not really sure to be honest. It was pretty cheap and is much lighter than others on the market but my dad make a good point that I won’t need it everyday and if I do need it, I can just spend like $2 on rental ones

There are pros and cons to owning this so will give it a try tomorrow again after a full charge

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