Egonomic Vertical Mouse A7852M - enhancement requests!

I apologize if this is not the right place to do this.

First, a note of thanks for an “affordable” vertical mouse that alleviates wrist pain.
I have been using it a few days and it has made a difference.

I would like to make a few suggestions to make it even better!
1- I would like to see the more of a “ledge” and slip-proof coating where you place your thumb (would mean a slightly wider mouse) so that I would not have to be squeezing the mouse to keep my thumb there. I am thinking about adding an adhesive strip that I can stick horizontally above the lower LED. This could be provided in the box or the mouse could be wider with more than an indentation, and have true place to rest the thumb.
2-The Back and forward buttons should be assignable to different applications and/or have the ability to be turned off in case you are prone to bump them by accident.
3- Increase the bottom weight of the mouse. I seem to have the tendency to knock over frequently when I go to put my hand back on the mouse from typing.
4-Do all of this without changing the price more than a few dollars.

Thank you for a good mouse that has stopped the tingle sensations in my wrist.