Ebay and Paypal... all over?

I read that ebay an papypal will stop their cooperation.

I use ebay for selling things, but this platform is getting worse year by year.
The software is a crap but the fees are increasing. MONEY MONEY MONEY!

What is your opinion about ebay and paypal.
I know it is some kind off topic, but we all have been in touch with that companies.


God they love there money PayPal fees are awful so are eBay can’t wait for that

eBay used to be really good for selling things back in the day, but now it’s really bad on there.

Every time I try to sell something on there nothing sells anymore. The PayPal fees are an absolute joke!


You think eBay is bad, selling on Amazon is way worse. Sellers undercut you just to get you to lower your prices or they Jack the prices up way high so you do the same and then they undercut you. And the fees are just as bad if not worse than ebay and PayPal


eBay used to own Paypal, which helped Paypal as choice of payment partner for sellers and buyers, which gave business… then the companies separated… went their separate ways… this was bound to happen at some point to completely stop the operations completely with competing payment providers with lower fees

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eBay is getting toxic. That’s all I can say.


I read the exact opposite for Ebay. They have been surging their stock recently, even going as far as to explain how their AI is helping them.


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Often use eBay and PayPal for things but the way they charge is crazy sometimes…for example charging a selling fee on the postage price you have set…you don’t make any money from postage because the price is set by your respective postal system, so why should you have to pay a selling fee on a fixed price postage option :confused:


You know me all for my affinity for old things and my visits to flea markets.
I am in that game for 45 years now.
I was collecting different kid of items, sold many, as the house house here has a certain capacity. :grin:

I was selling a lot of those antiquities via ebay using paypal as well.
But in this sector things went bad last years.
Ebay tries to get in Amazon foot steps, therefore they are neglecting the “used item” sector.
Should I start a campaign here? :grin:
Who needs a …

Ebay was doing this here in DE, but they gave up.
No more fees on postage, which was really a shame they did so.

Ebay is a classic example of a good idea that has been poorly managed while the rest of the world moved on. Lots of companies have suffered this problem - yahoo, aol, myspace, friendster, etc. They get good marketshare then just fail to innovate. They keep doing the same thing over and over again while their users go elsewhere. To make up for lost revenue they increase fees and so lose more users, and the cycle continues.

I buy a lot of tech for my work, and we arent allowed to buy from ebay even if the products are brand new and less expensive than elsewhere.


There was a German company named ALANDO.
Ebay catched it in 2011 for 50 Mio.
This was a nice and clean trading place.

As times goes by… :disappointed:

Other way you brought it to the point! Thanks!

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I agree, eBay has gotten greedy. I love how they offer you free listings but still charge their dang final value fees and shipping.

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Counter argument, devil’s advocate:

You get what you pay for. Yes, ebay fees seem high but you get access to a bigger market of buyers, you can sell in other ways, word of mouth, Swappa, Craigslist. I’d say you don’t really have a leg to stand on saying its just expensive, I’d say use it and accept the costs or don’t use it, find an alternative.

These are businesses for profit, they offer a service for a fee. Someone has to pay for the software developers, datacenters, hardware, electricity, etc.

Personally I tend to buy very little full stop and I tend to buy the best item after careful reviews, so I tend to not sell anything as I don’t have either excess products or bad products to offload. I also tend to not buy from ebay as, for example with Amazon, Aliexpress, Gearbest, B&H, Newegg, etc, there are plenty of options. I checked my orders, I bought two items on ebay each about $10 to replace items I’d lost, this last year. The expensive items I typically buy direct from the manufacturer to get the least grey support. Example is my most expensive item was the OnePlus6 over a year ago, bought direct from OnePlus.

The need for Paypal has vanished for me, I get protection with my creditcard and use that directly if I do buy from ebay.

Paypal is surging as well

I rarely buy products on eBay anymore, I’m mostly buying stuff from Amazon, and every once in a while I buy used and local items on OfferUp

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Ive been buying/selling on ebay since early 1997. I agree the fees are ridiculous now.
Listing fee.
Final value fee.
Paypal fee
Shipping fee.

They started charging on shipping fees because people were listing high dollar things for 99 cents and then charging 89.99 for shipping. Stuff like that.

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I like paypal but its acceptance is decreasing. First Amazon and now eBay