Easter Sales!

Over on amazon.com they are having some Easter sales!

I hope you enjoy these sales!


Soundcore Flare 2 pac is worth it


Excellent price on the Flare twin pack, only $10 more than buying the single speaker :heart_eyes:


The price for a double pack is really fantastic.
All who need a speaker should go for it.
I can recommend the FLARE as one of the best speakers ANKER ever has developed.


The price of that 2 pack is really excellent. I wonder if the UK will get something like that… :thinking:


I forgot that Easter is only 2.5 weeks away! :hatching_chick:


thanks for the deals!

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Nice deals! Thanks for sharing! :ok_hand:

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Great deals!

New profile picture… it’s nice :+1:

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Thanks for the complements :+1:t2::wink:

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Cracking deal💪🏻 Especially on the flare

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Go for a big egg … to put the two Flares in.
Or go for two big eggs, one for each Flare.

And: before unpacking: connect via bluetooth: then you have a “speaking” egg …

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That double speaker pack was very tempting

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It’s worth it :grin:

Do you have any flares? I remember you saying you had a speaker, but forgot which one was it

Yeah I have one flare. I convinced 2 of my friends to split this pack last time it was on sale, so I’ve also tried the two speakers paired together. Very nice! :+1::joy:

2 of them paired together must sound pretty good :+1:

Yes it does :joy:. I highly recommend you buy this pair.,. If you decide you don’t need the second one you can always give it away :grin::wink:

Give it away to a guy named Andrew? Lol :joy: