Earbuds for sleeping

Hello i think Anker should make some earbuds for sleeping. there isn’t a lot of earbuds for sleeping right now only the amazefit earbuds and Bose. Anker should be the next people to get in the game. I hope you guys consider my idea! thanks :slight_smile:


Check out their soundcore spirit dot 2 on Amazon. I believe they stated it could be used for sleeping in their little comparison chart.

The basically are a smaller earbuds that fit snuggly in the ears.


I doubt there is a big market for these type of earbuds

I definitely will be checking them out . thanks ! I need to get new earbuds because the ones i have right now are not Sound core fist off and they make my ears sore and make my ears have a rash in them. it sucks because they are $80 earbuds that i cant use. I will definitely check these out can the spirit dot 2 be used for everyday listening as well?

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The A1s also have similar profile to the dots and may be comparable.

Both would be good as everyday use.

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I have something comparable to the dot 2s, and they are comfy for side sleeping.

Dangerous using earbuds when sleeping!
They could fall out and the sleeper might swallow!
We all know the special US laws.
It should be mentioned in the manual!
“Dont use when sleeping, there is a danger to swallow” :rofl: