Earbuds Flow- Volume up button not working?

So I got my new Earbuds Flow, and the first min the volume up button works as it should and all of a sudden all it does it beeps when I press it and the music get’s shortly paused while it beeps and then resumes again 0.o .
Are they broken ? Since if I hold the button it does go to next song so why won’t it turn up the volume with single press?

That simply means you have reached the max volume of the earbuds

Nope I was on full volume but then went down to half using the earbuds on cable controls, but now It dosen’t allow me to get it an higher using the on cable controller, but when I turn the volum up on my phone it does go up so idk what up cuz all the earbuds do when I press volume up is make a single beep which pretty much stops the music for 1sec

Let me ask you are you on ios or android?

Android, THC One m8

Not for nothing but a lot of people have issues with sound and volume on that phone. I don’t think it’s the headphones given how abundant this issue is with users of that phone. A quick google search shows a bunch of these issues across a broad range of forums.

One method has been to start your phone in safe mode to see if the issue is fixed, if it is then an app is the cause of the problems. Another idea was to hold the Volume Down button and briefly press the Power button which should drop volume to zero and then allows you to raise volume again.

Alternatively, you can look at your phone as you press the volume up or down button on the headphones and see if it shows the volume being raised or lowered on the phone. I have the surge and depending which app I am using the headphones will raise the phones bluetooth volume or the headphones internal volume separately


I see, well for me the sound for the headphones and the phone is merged togethere so when I lower it on the cable controler it goes down on the phone but just when I click voulme up button it beeps and dosen’t want to go up ;(

But overall even with this bug it was worth gettin the earbuds flow for £16 on amazon sale :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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